The Spyglaz Advantage:

Secure, Seamless, Strategic

We understand the many considerations surrounding the adoption of new technologies, especially in the insurance industry. In addressing your considerations, we’ve crafted a meticulous process that not only ensures the effectiveness of our solutions but also prioritizes security, seamless implementation, and strategic alignment with your ongoing initiatives.

Data Privacy

At Spyglaz, we hold the privacy and security of your data as paramount. We only use non-personally identifiable data as inputs for our models, and have intentionally developed high-performance AI products that do no not require personal customer data to be effective. This approach guarantees privacy protection for your customers while providing a secure foundation for our operations.

Leveraging AWS for Robust Security

Our platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud platform renowned for its robust security protocols. With AWS, we employ the highest standards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data, providing a trustworthy environment for our operations.


We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and timely project delivery. Spyglaz Solutions are not just effective; they are designed for a cost-effective implementation, ensuring that you realize value within months, not years.

No Disruption of Existing Systems

The execution of machine learning (ML) and other AI models takes place on our dedicated platforms. This process sits outside your firewall and ensures that our models operate independently, delivering insights without impacting your existing systems.

Simple API Process

To easily deliver insights into your operational framework, we use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This API-driven approach facilitates the smooth delivery of insights back to your respective silos, creating a cohesive ecosystem.

Unified AI-Driven Insights

Using supervised machine learning algorithms and large language models (LLMs), we deliver unified AI-driven producer and policyholder insights across the entire distribution chain. The result? An accelerated sales process that leverages data-driven strategies for maximum impact.

The Spyglaz Advantage

Join us in a future where security, non-disruptive implementation, and strategic alignment are not just promises but integral aspects of the Spyglaz Advantage. Our commitment to utilizing non-personally identifiable data, APIs and the world’s leading cloud platform while employing high standards of security protocols ensures that you can embrace the future of insurance distribution with confidence.