Gain a unified AI-driven perspective on producer and policyholder behavior throughout the value chain, unlocking unparalleled collaboration in the sales process.

Empowering the Future of Insurance

At Spyglaz, we are on a groundbreaking mission to redefine the landscape of distribution within the insurance industry. Our vision revolves around delivering a unified AI-driven perspective on producer and policyholder behaviors across the entire value chain. In doing so, we unlock unprecedented opportunities for collaboration within the sales process, ultimately benefiting both the end customer and the industry at large.

Unleashing Potential for Growth

Spyglaz stands as a dedicated sales growth platform meticulously crafted for insurers and their wholesaling teams, focusing specifically on Life and Annuity carriers. Recognizing that the insurance industry bears the highest customer acquisition costs of any indsutry, we are driven by the pursuit of enhancing distribution efficiencies, making it a cornerstone of our mission.

Navigating Challenges Together

In the dynamic world of insurance distribution, both carriers and the wholesalers representing them face an array of challenges. From heightened competition and fluctuating interest rates to fragmented data and product intricacy, the journey is rife with complexities. Specialized wholesaling skills and knowledge are imperative, yet unexpected losses of top producers, small wholesaling teams, and a vast agent base pose additional hurdles. The constant struggle to allocate time effectively and the limited insight into agents' books of business further compound these challenges.


Unified AI-Driven Insights

Spyglaz delivers a game-changing approach by providing a unified AI-driven view that transcends traditional boundaries. We go beyond conventional methods to offer a comprehensive understanding of producer and policyholder behavior, fostering collaboration that goes straight to the heart of the sales process.

Sales Growth Platform

Our platform is meticulously designed to serve as a catalyst for sales growth, addressing the unique needs of insurers and their wholesaling teams. With a strategic focus on Life and Annuity carriers, we support you as a dedicated partner for optimizing distribution processes.

Efficiency Gains

In a realm where efficiency is paramount, our solutions deliver measurable results. We recognize the cost implications of customer acquisition in the insurance industry and commit to streamlining distribution processes, ensuring that every effort translates into maximum impact.

Proactive Solutions

Our platform doesn't just identify challenges – it provides proactive solutions. Be it the unexpected loss of top producers, strategies for gaining more top producers or insights on an agent’s book of business, Spyglaz is your ally in building growth and resilience.


Based on a recent pilot in which Spyglaz identified new drivers of impending lapse, we signed an annual contract to further develop their predictive models and test enhanced customer retention strategies.I’m excited about the possibilities and confident Spyglaz will help drive value that is multiples the cost of our engagement.
Tom Buckingham
Chief Growth Officer, Nassau Financial Group

Reinventing Insurance Distribution

As we reimagine insurance distribution through an AI-powered landscape, we invite you to join us on this journey. Embrace a future where collaboration, efficiency, and growth intersect seamlessly. Navigate the complexities of your distribution process with a partner that understands your challenges, and is committed to your success.