Our vision is centered on delivering a unified AI-driven perspective on policyholder and producer behavior across the entire value chain. By unlocking unprecedented opportunities for collaboration within the sales process, we aim to benefit both the end customer and the broader insurance industry.


Spyglaz is a dedicated sales growth platform built from the ground up for insurers and their wholesaling teams, focusing particularly on Life and Annuity carriers. Recognizing the challenges posed by the insurance industry's high customer acquisition costs, our mission is to enhance distribution value chain efficiencies. We are committed to making optimized distribution a cornerstone of our journey, striving for growth and innovation while delivering practical, high-utility AI solutions.


We are a group of seasoned leaders from the financial services and technology industries, bringing deep functional expertise in financial services, data science, distribution, sales, and customer loyalty. With a collective vision to drive success in the insurance sector, our team is committed to guiding senior executives through the intricacies of AI adoption, ensuring seamless collaboration, efficiency, and growth in this ever-evolving landscape.


We are a Silicon Valley company based in Palo Alto, CA with remote team members in Sonoma, Southern California, Colorado, Arizona and New York.